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White clothing: Yay or nay?

When it comes to wearing white or red a lot of girls see it as a 'risky' colour and I GET IT. You stand out ten times more and can feel a lil insecure. I decided this year to stop caring what people thought of me, now I can't say I've completed that mission BUT I am definitely getting better and wearing what the hell I want when I want. So hopefully after this post, you might feel more inclined to venture towards white clothing and not be as scared x

A huge trend atm is polka dots if you haven't already purchased a billion of clothes with this pattern then what are you doing? Better be a reasonable answer. I saw this playsuit on Asos and I originally scrolled straight past then I was like WAIT, PAUSE. I am all for experimenting with trends and white is a colour that barely appears in my wardrobe. When I first put it on I was in love, mainly because the material is so flattering and breathable BUT it also fits so well and I fell in love with white.

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You can't really go wrong with an item of clothing that features black and white. It's a STAPLE piece. You're also probably thinking why don't you actually purchase new shoes for shoots, well I'm an odd girl. I don't obsess over shoes when I find a pair I love I wear them CONSTANTLY. Now that doesn't mean I don't own 20 pairs of shoes because I do...probably more. I just have about 3 faves. Can anyone relate? 

It can be really hard to know what to wear in this weather. I'm really struggling but this playsuit works so well with a hat and boots or trainers!

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