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Growing up is SCARY: How to survive life after university

I used to love writing advice style posts but there is only so many you can write before you've pretty much covered every topic you've experienced BUT I've grown up A LOT since my last advice posts and I'm definitely going to start doing them today. So, as I've now ventured into the adult world I thought I would give you a guide on how to cope with life after university (well how I'm coping currently). 

So I'll begin with my university experience and try and keep everything as short but informative and helpful as possible.


University for me was one of the most challenging three years of my life. Particularly in my second year where everything and everyone I had known in first year suddenly vanished and I was left feeling pretty empty. I was in a dead-end relationship, I had no close friends and I was so miserable with everything in my life, even my passion to blog. My first year was incredible. I will even go as far to say it was the best year of my life but the last two years of uni really were tough but we all go through bad times and if anything it just makes you ten times stronger.

I definitely do not regret my experience but I wish things were so so much different from what they were. However, halfway into my third-year life began to pick up again and I felt a little bit more like me. Sometimes we can really really lose ourselves and I had been lost for so long. So I decided to eliminate all the things that were making me miserable and god am I happy I did that. I made decisions I was absolutely terrfiied to do but they have paid off in the best way possible. So that is my experience in the shortest form.... 


Honestly, your third year will go in a blink of an eye. It doesn't even feel like that long ago where I was sat planning my dissertation and now to have completed it and got my results it's just like sorry????? CAN LIFE PLEASE SLOW DOWN. So I finished with a 2:1 which I'm extremely happy about. I would love a first but I never put that pressure on myself, if I got it then great but at the same time not getting it I'm more than fine about. I will definitely do some posts on uni life and ideas for dissys and all that jazz. So yeah I was quite relieved to finish third year and move to the next chapter of my life which is where it all gets stressful and sad and confusing but also wonderful.

The aftermath

So you graduate and the few weeks that follow you are still in the uni bubble of going out a lot, seeing your friends daily and just pretending you're still a student when really you start to feel the immense pressure of finding work and where you're going to end up. For me, the thought of moving home made me miserable. Now don't get me wrong I love my family and the thought of having dinner cooked for me every night again but once you've had that taste of freedom you just want to keep running with it and the area I grew up in doesn't have a lot for me. So I made the decision to stay in my university town and start searching for jobs then eventually flats.

The next step

I wasn't really sure what area of Journalism I wanted to go into so I was looking at a range of places but then I saw a job at my university that was an ambassador role fulltime. I thought ok this is me, I love giving advice, I've been a student myself and I will get a fulltime wage for it. The only thing that got me down completely was the fact I would have to do talks and presentations. Now, this is something that last year I wouldn't even do if you paid me. But I was like, why can't I do that? I'm fully capable it's just my mind constantly telling me I'm not good enough. So I had about 5 breakdowns then I thought right let's do this interview I can do this and guess what your girl is doing it and I CAN DO IT. 


So finding a job quite fast was an absolute relief as I know how hard it is to find graduate jobs. But then came the issue of finding somewhere to live. I had a million questions in my head. Who was I going to live with? Could I afford to live alone? Will I have to live with random people? All these questions made me feel so scared at the prospect of living alone again. I didn't want to be on my own but at the same time didn't want to live with people I didn't know. Me and my boyfriend then decided why don't we just live together and I think life fell into place that day. I managed to find a really cute flat that was so affordable compared to some and now I'm just so buzzed to move in.

The moral of the story?

DON'T STRESS. Things definitely do work out. You will feel like your world is falling apart after uni because you have so many important decisions to make and these can be even harder when you're in a relationship. But just stay on top of everything and tackle things one at a time. It will all be ok. I didn't think at the start of summer I would get a job and a flat so stay positive!

So if any of you are in this difficult transition period know you're not alone! You can always message me and I'll try and help but I'm still getting to grips with this adult thing as well x



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