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The leopard print obsession

I’m sure you’re all more than aware of the latest trend that EVERYONE owns something of? Any clues? Well it’s a pattern that features in every shop window and every bloggers outfit. Yes animal print fashion has become incredibly popular, especially leopard print. Do you enjoy it? Because I am pretty much obsessed.

Today’s post is going to be around a few items I am LOVING and that your wardrobe is definitely missing and in need of.

1. The fur baby

Our first contender. 

The perfect winter coat. The biggest fur baby ever. (Fake fur I must say). This is a coat you either love or absolutely hate. Now my boyfriend thinks the whole leopard print fuss is tacky. I however and the rest of the blogging world want every little nic nac possible with the print on. I’ve even managed to convince my own mother it’s a good idea!

However, the price of this gem isn’t as nice as the overall piece. It is £95 BUT ok let's justify this. Coats pretty much last YEARS so let's say you wear this every winter for 3-4 years…maybe more? That’s like spending £20 a year…Just always break it down girls, I always have to justify my impulsive buys somehow….

Link --------> Coat

2. The belt everyone owns

Who doesn’t love a good belt? My issue is I buy jeans that don’t have loopholes so a belt for me is just a fashion accessory, nothing to actually do with my outfit being practical. Anyone else relate?.... My point is animal print belts are great for jazzing up your outfit. Take a black jumper dress for example. I love them but I always feel like something is missing. IT’S THE BELT!

This one is only £14 and with student discount, it’s like £11.

Worth it.

Link--------> Belt

3. The boot

My obsession for leopard print boots started last year but I was easily talked out of them as it wasn’t as much as a craze as this year. However, I am very much going to get them this year. Again, black boots can get a bit repetitive with your outfits every day so jazzing up the ol footwear is a great transition.

Link ------> Boots

4. The staple

Right has anyone else noticed how fabulous M&S have got with their clothing and footwear section? Because they are actually doing pretty damn well and they are fueling my hat obsession even more. This hat is perfect for the autumnal season and winter with knee-high boots and a cute roll neck dress. BLISS

Link -------> Beret

                   5. The bandeau                

This has been one of my favourite purchases and it’s, in fact, my first item of clothing that’s leopard print. I love a good bandeau with trousers and I was fed up of plain ones so I thought why not spice it up and that is exactly what I did. This was a VERY good purchase I would recommend. It’s velvet and £8. What a killer.

Link -------> Bandeau

Let me know which is your fave!

Disclaimer- This post contains affiliate links, photos are not my own*

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