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Is uni right for me? Answering your Q's

Deciding whether university is the right choice for you can be terrifying. Luckily I knew I wanted to go from a young age and I also knew what course I wanted to study so it made things ten times easier. This post will hopefully answer any fears you have about going to university!

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I asked over on my Instagram if anyone had any questions about uni which could be about ANYTHING. This is always a question you regret asking but thankfully no one sent me anything awkward for the love of god.

What are you hoping to get out of your study career-wise?
So for those of you who don’t know, I’ve actually left university now and I graduate in November (PLEASE HELP ME FIND A DRESS). I studied single honours Journalism and I both loved and hated it which I think you’ll find with any course. You will cover things you have no interest in and things you literally adore. So originally I wanted to be a broadcast journalist and present. Well… with me, my confidence definitely gets the best of me and I convince myself I’m absolutely useless at everything.
I hated presenting at university. I felt so uncomfortable and on edge, it just wasn’t for me. What I’ve realised is I have no problem with presenting. It’s just the formality of it. Put me in a newsroom I freak out. Get me to be super casual and talk about something I love and I’m more than fine. So I learned that I definitely didn’t want a job in the newsroom.
Instead, I developed a real passion for documentary making and I would still love to go into this part of the industry. What I love about Journalism is how many different things you can go into, there are a range of areas and a Journalism course will explore all of those which gives you a range of skills. My dream is to still be like Stacey Dooley and interview the scariest people on this planet.
I’m also really interested in exploring more of the social media pathway and work with bloggers and other influencers. Who knows ay.
Sorry for the long-winded answers….just got so much to say!

What’s your best advice for time management?
I am someone who always has to be organised. I could never leave homework late at school and I revised a good amount of time before my exams. I think it depends on the type of person you are but at university you really need to grasp time management and to be honest I don’t understand why people fall behind with studies as you do get a lot of free time. It’s understandable if you work a lot but it’s only recommended you work 16 hours a week and more importantly if you have something horrendous happening in your family life that can affect your studies. But besides that, I would make a plan each week. You can get a weekly planner from Poundland, it’s very snazzy and you can clip it to your lil fridge. Just make the time. My best piece of advice for getting work done is staying at uni after your lectures. That way you have to work and won’t get distracted at home.

What’s your best memory from university?
Hmmm. I can’t think of one that stands out but I’ve always had so much fun with meeting different people and going out with them. I loved the hype after a lecture finished and we were all absolutely buzzed to go out. I also loved ordering a new PLT outfit every single week. But overall I met some really great people and equally met some trashy ones but I’ve had great memories with both sets.

How do you stay motivated to do the required reading?
Well…. I didn’t. Is the simplest answer. In Journalism, we actually didn’t have a lot of reading as our course was mainly practical. I only did a lot of reading when it came to studying law as part of one of my modules which I shockingly enjoyed and got an A on my exam. However, I did revise the book pretty much daily and highlighted every single page to make sure it was imprinted on my brain. I think the best thing to do is set yourself time aside every day to do the reading. Maybe this might be between your lectures or just before you go to bed. What I will say is just don’t over do it or you won’t be able to process the information.

Are you in any societies or clubs, if not what would you want to join?
I sadly didn’t get involved with any societies at uni as I thought they were all sports-focused so I didn’t even blink an eye and by the time I got to my second year I felt like everyone was already so close in those groups I didn’t want to get involved. I also didn’t have that much of an interest in joining one but when I look back I wish I had looked at one. I have no idea what it would have been but it’s just a fab way to meet more people and I think I could have really benefitted from that in my second year.

So I hope these answer some of your concerns or wonders about uni. I loved writing this so I’ll definitely be doing more topics?

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