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Putting pressure on yourself to achieve everything in your twenties?

I couldn't even count on one hand how many people I know who put so much pressure on themselves to achieve certain things. Whether this is a career aspiration or furthering yourself in the social media world. I too am one of these people who puts a ridiculous amount of stress on myself. For some reason us youngsters in our 20's feel like its the end of the world if we haven't reached where we want to be by 25. You see people younger than you achieving so much, travelling the world, having successful self employed jobs, Instagram can make us compare lifestyles and look at our own and just really think... well shit? 

After graduating yesterday I suddenly felt very overwhelmed. I suddenly felt that I hadn't achieved what I set out to do as I'm not currently in that particular career path. You ask other people what they are doing and this can be amazing job opportunities then you sit there and feel disappointed with yourself. It's a hard feeling to explain. I know I have achieved so much in my 21 years on this planet but at the same time I feel like it's so little compared to others.

So what can you do when you feel like you're in this unattainable rut? Motivate yourself and pick yourself back up. Stop thinking that your life is over if you don't achieve certain things in your twenties. Achieving everything in your twenties wouldn't be fun because then in your 30's what have you got left to do and the years after that?

If you are in the social media world and work as a social influencer you may feel these pressures more as you compare your growth to others. Although I have never been in this industry for money or growth, you can still feel that pressure when others rise faster than you and may be doing so at an extremely young age. Or brands are working with accounts that are clearly buying their followers and re-posting their stuff.

The biggest tip I can give is, do your own journey, make your own chapters. You don't have to follow in other people's shoes. So what if they have a 'better' job than you, so what if they got a million followers in less than a year. Focus on your own growth and well being and stop putting time limits on achieving goals.

I think it's always important to reflect on the amazing things you have done. So in the comments write one thing you are really proud of. I'll share a few of mine, not being very academic at school even though I worked my arse off but I still got into university. Not being confident in my appearance or body so I started a blog at 17 to help girls who felt like me view themselves differently. Wanting to drop out of university in my second year because everything in my life fell apart and I didn't feel like I had anything worth living for but I did it and I graduated yesterday. Applied to be a Boohoo ambassador out of pure luck and really didn't think I would get noticed let alone short listed, I did it for a year. Worked with a variety of different brands. Did a range of placements at university which were incredibly daunting. Started a job where presenting is my main role, I couldn't even do a presentation at university. Being reposted by two major brands on Instagram, Topshop using my images in a sponsored post. Moving into a flat and being a full on adult with my boyfriend who is equally one of my biggest achievements, meeting someone who genuinely gives a damn about me and wants a future. 

Those are some of the things I have achieved and although some of them are real struggles, they are still something that I am proud of for overcoming and achieving. So never feel like you haven't achieved anything in your life. If you have to prove to yourself that you have WRITE IT DOWN. You will be surprised on how much you have done.

Be proud of YOU and give yourself credit. It's healthy to set goals but they don't need time limits.

What would I like to achieve?
I want to put more content on my Youtube Channel which I've recently started back up
Full length photos on Instagram because I know everyone loves one of them
Being self employed would be an absolute dream but I would still love to use my Journalism degree and go into making documentaries or short videos.
Having my own clothing line would be pretty sick as well :)


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