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Tartan galore with Rebellious Fashion

Hello... It's been a while and yes I will admit I had 100% fallen out of love with blogging. Which is totally fine. I'm not 17 anymore when this was my only passion. I'm nearly 22 and I'm onto bigger and better things creating content on a variety of platforms. I do want to get back into the swing of blogging but life does get in the way. You will find me ten times more active on Instagram and Youtube x

So a little insight for you I've actually never shopped at Rebellious Fashion before..Why? You know those brands/pages you see on Instagram and you're like hmm do I trust don't I trust. That is exactly how I've felt with this brand and god knows why because I can't fault their clothing. A year ago I worked with Shein and it's partner brand, which was under fire all the time with people not trusting them. I couldn't find any flaws with their clothing. Don't be put off if something is cheap! I am use to Topshop prices and quality so I guess I do have high standards with clothing. 

After browsing through the site I came across these gorg trousers and instantly thought of the outfit I would style in my head (which was this). I love paper bag/high waisted trousers. They couldn't be MORE me. I didn't expect them to fit nicely either but guess what...just as good as Topshop. Pulls you in all the right places. The only thing I could pick at with them is they are slightly baggy on the legs..not horrifically but I am a skin tight clothing girl. I know this is the style of them though and to be honest I still love them.

I'm wearing a size 8 you can shop them directly here ----> Trousers

I decided this outfit would look cute with some (very old) sock boots think I need to update my shoe collection as well as an off shoulder bodysuit and a baker boy hat ALWAYS. And with every outfit you need some kind of bag right? My small bag collection is growing by the absolute day. 

Let me know what you think of this look!


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