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The Perfect Bunch For Valentines

I was recently gifted the most gorgeous roses from Prestige Flowers and they are certainly living up to my expectations. So if want to get your partner or best friend the perfect gift this valentines then this is the bunch for you.

The roses alone are £39.99. Now yes I completely agree with you that seems on the pricey side of life but for 12 roses that is actually a very good deal and that is the price you will pay at most places or even more for good quality flowers. I have had mine for over 2 weeks now and they are still in bloom (is that the word...?) What I'm trying to say is, roses are long lasting so you do get your moneys worth. I have had roses for a good month before due to their longevity. (Big word for me).

I always think you can tell a lot about a brand by the effort they put into their packaging and goods and I will happily give this brand a solid 5 stars. Again, I am not obliged to say that. My blog is my own opinion regardless if a brand has paid or gifted me an item. They boxed the roses really well and they were very *instagrammable* as soon as I got them out the box. I was worried they might be a little damaged or dead BUT they were shipped in less than 48 hours which is really good. 

The package I received is what I would call the 'luxury' package. So for an extra £10 you can get a bear and chocolates. The bear is cute no words for him but the chocolates were by far my favourite. Again, I didn't have high hopes for them as I hadn't heard of the make before but they were LUSH. You can never really go wrong with chocolates.

So if you're struggling to find the perfect bouquet for your other half then this is a good site to look at. I would actually have no idea where to even begin with searching for the best roses but now I do.

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