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Tips to leave a toxic mindset behind

We've all done it right? Said to ourselves over and over again, I'm done, there's no point me doing it anymore. I'm not good at it. Whether that's with blogging or influencing or just general life and work. Even the people who are right at the top feel like giving up. And yes it's a rank feeling but it's also a feeling that motivates you to try ten times harder. So if you're stuck in a rut then this post if FOR YOU. 

Lets quickly mention my lil outfit. I know this has absolutely no relevance to this post, well it kind of does with me mentioning my content..blah blah blah. This is a co-ord from Bohooo. As you can see I'm trying to pretend it's Christmas for as long as possible because January is the worst month of them all and is super depressive!

Being a perfectionist is by far my absolute worst trait. No matter what I do or achieve I'll never be proud. I'll always think, well I could have done that better. I could have took that photo another 1000 times etc. It's a toxic mindset to have and it doesn't help when you're still trying to work out the direction, look and label for your content. I scroll through social media daily and see incredible photos and then I sit there and look at my content and think ugh. But I'll then go onto YouTube and watch someone who creates amazing content with them sat in tears on camera saying that they don't know what to do anymore.

When I first started in this industry there wasn't really any pressure. Now everyone is consumed by likes, followers, who can get to 1 million the fastest. Then when they've achieved those goals they want more and more. I remember watching one vlogger say 1 million was great but not where they want to be and it got me thinking with this whole influencing thing, is anyone actually ever satisfied? And has everyone fallen out of love with what blogging and influencing once meant?

What can you do to pick yourself back up?

1. Revamp the style of your blog, this is something I'm in the process of doing. Have you ever just wanted to get a new haircut or get your nails done and you instantly feel better? That's exactly the same mindset you should have with content.

2. Invest in new equipment, not something we can all do or be in the position to do but it doesn't have to be expensive. Maybe a backdrop you can pin up or a light. You can save for better cameras

3. Set yourself a schedule so you stick to creating and uploading content regularly. That way you will be more productive. Now this is quite hard to juggle if you work full-time like me. My plan for this year is 6 posts on Instagram a week, 1 YouTube video and one blog post. Hashtag stress :)

4. Remember why you actually started out and all your achievements

5. Stop being so hard on yourself, other people will look at where you're at and wish they were in your position!

Let me know your views! 

Disclaimer- This post contains affiliate links x

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