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How I juggle working fulltime and influencing/blogging?

In short let me be straight up honest with you. It is HARD work. And I don't think people understand just how hard it is unless you're in the industry yourself. So to my fellow full-timers who manage influencing and blogging on the side honestly you're amazing. But this post is for the people who want to do blogging but are scared because of full-time working commitments. I will be BRUTALLY honest with you in this post. Hopefully not to the point I'll put you off but I will explain it from my perspective how I juggle everything and whether it's worth it.

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My biggest tip is ORGANISATION. You can't work full-time and manage a blog or influencing on the side if you aren't an organised person. Now, I'm not perfect with this as sometimes work does get in the way and after a very long day the last thing you feel like is putting content out. BUT if you plan ahead and schedule posts it will make your life ten times easier.

Tip- Shoot content when you have a free day or even a free hour. This will mean then when you get home in the week you don't have to stress what new post you're putting up.

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Again this involves organisation and planning ahead of your game. I tackle this weekly. Some weeks I will have around 5 collaborations to complete which is great because it means I don't need to stress about finding content. But other weeks I will have literally nothing new to shoot and feel a tad uninspired. Content doesn't have to be expensive either. You can get around 3 different shots from an outfit!

Tip- You have to understand in this industry, everyday, week and month is VERY DIFFERENT. I can't even explain just how different they are. But if you're the type of person who stresses at things like this then don't put the pressure on yourself, this industry is not for you.

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Absolutely not. This is not a thing. I would be RICH if I counted the amount of times people have said to me ' oh all you do is take a picture and you're done'. For some people this may be the case but for the majority of people NO CHANCE. It sometimes takes me 2 hours to shoot ONE picture. This is what I mean about no day being the same. You can't guarantee a certain item of clothing will look good on you, maybe on that day you aren't feeling confident with your appearance, the light isn't working, the angle isn't on your side. It can be really stressful BUT you understand these days happen and when I have those days where my photo just doesn't work I don't bother uploading because I know if I'm not happy with it, my audience aren't going to engage well with it either.

Tip- Understand producing content is time consuming but so rewarding when a brand notices your hard work and reposts your photo. Or you get a tonne of lovely comments from people, that is definitely my favourite thing. 

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Don't do it. My favourite quote is 'Don't compare your chapter 1 to someones else's chapter 20'. This is SO TRUE. You can't do blogging or influencing if you think you will earn millions overnight and be on everyone's explore page. It really doesn't work like that. It takes time. Uploading posts daily. Interacting with other instagrammers. Being ACTIVE all the time. If you're in it for 'fame and popularity' you might as well evacuate the building now because you will just set yourself up for disappointment. I create content because I love fashion and love inspiring people to step out of their comfort zones. I don't earn hardly anything and that doesn't bother me because this is my hobby. I would obviously love for it to one day be my job but I don't put that pressure on myself and live realistically.

Tip- Growing is not always easy. But produce content that YOU love. People will love you for YOU. Don't try and be someone else!

I hope that post isn't too negative. I just sometimes feel there isn't enough honesty about social media so wanted to set a few thing straight! I have had some amazing opportunities, working for Boohoo for a year is a huge highlight and going viral for 2 days on Tik Tok was slightly scary but incredible. It takes hard work and determination but most importantly PASSION for something you love. 

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