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A lil bit of mesh never hurt nobody

Callin' all the Ibiza/party/animal print lovers...this outfit is for you. I'm not usually a mesh lover as I struggle to know what to pair under it as I don't want to expose myself toooo much. Not saying that if you decide to go fully naked under these that I would judge you, my hat goes off to you!

When I saw a load of Motel girls rocking these trousers I knew I needed a pair but then I thought...I have no events or anywhere in the UK, I would wear them at. BUT then I thought hold up, I'm going abroad and had the perfect excuse to buy them.

Let's talk first about the fit. Ladies and gentlemen, the fit of these trousers are UNREAL. I would go as far to say I've never owned anything that fits like a glove so well. Firstly they are high waisted (instant ten points) secondly they are a skinny fit that turns into flares which is just a dream. I'm wearing an XS.

Secondly, the 'how to style part' which threw me off completely when I first saw them. I've seen a lot of girls wear high waisted pants and like a bikini top with them or like me you can wear a high waist bikini and boom you're sorted. I've then decided to just pair them with some strappy black heels for a clubbing/party look.

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Thirdly, it fits the booty nicely, even if you aren't blessed in that area these will make sure you are.

So the purpose of this post. Go out of your comfort zone. I always think abroad is the best place to do this as literally, no one cares what you wear. IT IS ALL CHILL. Why can't the UK be like that???? We wouldn't all put so much pressure on ourselves if that was the case. But my point is, wear what you wanna wear and try new styles. I wouldn't have been seen dead in mesh a few years ago because I cared waaaay too much what people thought about me.

Love ya x

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